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KRN Patient Registry

The KRN hosts a patient registry  focused on one of the major causes of kidney disease in adults and children—glomerular kidney disease. Participants from 7 clinical centers around the U.S. consent to share their electronic health record data. This type of data collection allows investigators to perform important epidemiological research and statistical analyses at a much lower cost by leveraging existing medical record information.

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The goal of the registry is to better understand the clinical course and progression of diseases, response patterns to different medications, and advance quality improvement activities.  Proposals are reviewed and prioritized by the Registry Steering Committee. 


Data domains available include: laboratories, medications, diagnosis, procedures, biopsy information, vitals, demographics, and transplant data. Learn more about the KRN data warehouse here


To partner with the registry, please complete the brief KRN ancillary study application.

Read more about how the data is used here.

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