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New Clinical Trial in FSGS

A new clinical trial is being conducted to see if an investigational study drug, called BI 764198, may help people with FSGS. The study is testing different doses of BI 764198 for safety, effectiveness, and side effects in patients with FSGS.  The study drug or a placebo will be taken as a capsule by mouth one (1) time every day for about 12 weeks. 

This study will help determine if the investigational drug can reduce proteinuria (increased levels of protein in the urine) while maintaining stable kidney function in adults with FSGS. Throughout the course of the study, researchers will measure how different doses of the investigational drug impact proteinuria and carefully evaluate kidney-related and other effects of the drug.

The study is sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and

approved under Advarra IRB #Pro00059817.

Who may be eligible?

  • FSGS confirmed by kidney biopsy or documentation of TRPC6 gene mutation

  • 18-75 years of age

  • GFR > 30 ml/min

  • Urine protein/creatinine ratio ≥1000 mg/g during screening​

For more information:


Kidney Health Gateway

Review the study brochure


For a confidential pre-screening contact




Email the study sponsor at

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