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As a multi-functional group, KRN's leadership is balanced by multiple boards and committees to drive advancements in the mission of bringing improved evidence-based treatment options and better outcomes to our patients.  

Core Leadership

Zubin Modi, MD, MS

Principal Investigator

University of Michigan

Cathie Spino, ScD

Clinical Trials Consulting

University of Michigan

Richard Eikstadt

Data Warehouse & Analytics

University of Michigan

Susan Massengill, MD

Quality Initiatives

Carolinas Medical Center

Noelle Carlozzi, PhD

Outcomes Consortium

University of Michigan

Hailey Desmond, MS

Program Manager

University of Michigan


Katherine Tuttle, M.D

University of Washington; Providence Health Care


Howard Trachtman, MD

University of Michigan

Paul Brakeman, MD

University of California-San Francisco

Jeffrey Kopp, MD


Trials Network


Boards & Committees

Patient Advisory Board

Registry Steering Committee

PRO Consortium Executive Committee

Trials Network Steering Committee

Study Coordinators Committee

Research Administrator Committee

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