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Current Research & Trials

​Clinical Trials

  • Evaluation of BI 764179 for safety, effectiveness, and side effects in patients with FSGS [Learn more!]

  • Precision Medicine in FSGS and Minimal Change Disease  [enrollment complete!]

  • Prednisolone in young children with nephrotic syndrome   [enrollment complete!]

  • FIRSTx trial for focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS)  [enrollment complete!]

Surveys and Interviews

  • Interviews with people impacted by nephrotic syndrome [Learn more!]

  • Health and Economics in Nephrotic Syndrome [enrollment complete]

  • Validation and scoring of Minimal Change Disease & FSGS PRO measures [enrollment complete]

  • Adult FSGS patient reported outcomes validation study [enrollment complete]

  • Minimal Change Disease & FSGS Patient Reported Outcome Development  [enrollment complete]

  • Development of a clinician reported outcome for edema in nephrotic syndrome [enrollment complete]

  • Standardized Outcomes in Nephrology (SONG) [enrollment complete]

Registries and Cohorts

  • KRN Patient Registry [Learn more!]

  • Recurrent FSGS registry and biobank [Coming soon!]

Other Research

Select Completed Projects

For more information, visit, a search engine of publicly and privately

supported clinical studies conducted around the world.

Registry Hosting

Nephrology Research

Analytics to support research questions


Clinical Trials

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