Data Warehouse and Analytics 

The KRN Data Warehouse is an ongoing data collection and storage effort using a combination of retrospective and prospective data. 


Data sources include:

  • KRN patient electronic medical record data

  • Active research study data

  • Completed clinical trial datasets

  • Clinical Outcomes Assessments datasets

  • Other data relevant to KRN

Patients enrolled in the KRN Registry consent to share portions of their health record data with study investigators.  This includes information about diagnoses, treatments, and laboratory tests. This type of data collection allows investigators to perform important epidemiological research and statistical analyses at a much lower cost by leveraging existing medical record information.

How will the data be used?

  • Provide a community and hospital perspective of kidney disease

  • Identify health problems that need new solutions (inform future research priorities)

  • Assist in the development of clinical trials protocols

  • Locate promising site trials

  • Generate patient quality of care reports for site use